Friday, 22 February 2013

Why Sizemikk?

When you are shopping for clothes, size matters.
If you need to look sharp, then shape matters too.
And if you dress to impress, your style speaks volumes about who you are.

Finding clothes that fit is a challenge

Sizemikk helps you find clothes that fit perfectly; clothes that match your size, shape and style.

There is no consistent standard in clothing measurement. A medium in one brand fits nicely but in another brand, a medium feels like a tent. A slim fit from one designer can feel the same as a tailored fit from another. Lengths vary. Shoulder and back combinations can be square, tapered or triangular. Arms can be long or leave your wrists exposed.  The lines from chest to waist make a difference to the way a shirt fits your individual body shape. UK, US and European sizes make it even more of a gamble.

Finding the perfect fit is a challenge. Some retailers are providing free returns as an act of faith, but wouldn’t you rather get the right fit the first time?

Size is not enough

A manufacturer’s size and cut labels are good for the average man. Most of us are unique, in all sorts of ways, but especially in our size, shape and style.

You may be a medium but are you tall and skinny or a stockier build? Wide shoulders with a narrow waist or carrying a few extra pounds around the middle? One size does not fit all.

There's a better way

Your clothes need to be the correct size AND shape for your body.

We use both.

We have an enormous, up-to-date database of clothes and their measurements. Neck diameter, chest, shoulders, lengths... all the dimensions that matter for knowing both the size and shape of each item.

So when you search we find you clothes that are sure to fit.

Style matters too!

We also store a range of style attributes for each item. Combining this with the matches based on size and shape means we find you clothes that fit, look good, feel good and suit you. A tailored fit - right off the rack.

So, where to begin? First, you need to measure up.

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