Tuesday, 16 July 2013

11 Tips for Big Guys to do it with Style

Big and tall guys have it made. A broad, tall frame is immediately impressive, attention-grabbing, and attractive. However, this impressiveness can backfire if you're not dressing your body right. Perhaps the only disadvantage of being a big and tall man is the struggle of finding the perfect fit. Few clothes are made to highlight the proportions of a big man's body. When shopping for clothing, it is important to consider the elements of proportion and balance while emphasising the traits that make big men attractive.

When shopping for a shirt, follow a few rules. Dress shirts must be long enough to be comfortably tucked into pants. Even if you don't usually tuck in your shirt, buying a shirt at this length will ensure a proper fit. With this fit, you will be able to raise your arms and move much more comfortably. Nothing is less attractive than a man in a straight jacket.

Every wardrobe needs a few great jackets. Jackets or blazers that end immediately below the hip result in a balanced frame that looks neither taller or wider than usual. Cropped jackets, on the other hand, are a bad idea for most tall men. A shorter jacket can visually lengthen legs, which can throw you out of proportion. Another often-ignored aspect of jacket fit is the number of buttons. Two button jackets are a big and tall man's best friends, while three button jackets can elongate a tall body. Still, big and tall men have the ultimate advantage in jacket shopping as the only body type that allows for a longer coat. Coats that hit slightly below the knee look impressive on a larger frame.

Pants are among the most frustrating articles of clothing for big and tall men to buy. Often, tall men don't know what size inseam to buy. The rule: an inseam should be long enough to cover the top part of a shoe. As far as style goes, mid-rise jeans work the best on a larger frame. High-waisted jeans can make the legs look awkwardly long.

Wide accessories look great on tall men. Thicker belts and ties are flattering to a wider, taller frame. While accessories like hats add a bit of height to a taller man, they can bring a hint of personality to an outfit. When it comes to shoes, most big and tall men opt for thin soles with a square or round toe in order to minimise foot size and height.

Colours and Patterns
Try not to wear one colour from head to toe. This creates the illusion of additional height. Instead of matching, pair coordinating colours for jackets and pants. This will break up your visual appearance and add interest. Additionally, big prints look much better on bigger men than smaller prints.

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